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Frequently Asked Question

Q.  What makes Sidehill Farm jams taste so good?

A. Sidehill Farm jams are a slow-cooked food, and artisanal jams are made the same way they were 100 years ago.  We add no preservatives, high fructose corn syrup, pectin or other gelling agents.  Fruit's the first ingredient in our jam, and we're as choosey with our fruit as we are with our cooking methods.


Q.  What is so bad about pectin?

A. Nothing is wrong with pectin, it occurs naturally in fruits.  When jam and jelly makers add additional pectin, jams and jellies will thicken up quickly with more water, much like gelatin.  There is nothing wrong with adding unflavored gelatin to homemade jams and jellies, but if your goal is to make the best jam possible, why dilute the delicious fruit flavor of jam?  We make our gourmet jams by concentrating the fruit and sugar, resulting in a more flavorful jam. This is a more expensive and difficult, but we think the difference in taste is worth it.


Q.  What is Maple Apple Drizzle® and how do I use it?

A.  Maple Apple Drizzle®, Maple Cranberry Drizzle and Maple Blueberry Drizzle are pourable toppings which combine the flavors of fruit and pure Vermont Maple Syrup.  All of our Drizzles are wonderful on pancakes and waffles, poured over ice cream, stirred into yogurt of hot cereal, or used as glazes on seafood, meat, and chicken. Check out our recipes section for a few ideas

Q. How should I store my unopened products from Sidehill Farm?

A. Unopened jars of our products are happily stored at room temperature. 

Q. How should I store opened jars?

A. We suggest storing all of our products in the refrigerator to retain the freshest flavor.  Vermont Maple Pumpkin Butter and Lemon Curd must be stored in the refrigerator after opening.  Mustards should "be stored cold to remain hot".

Q. How long after opening do I have to use my Sidehill Farm goodies?

A. For best flavor, opened jars of jams, butters, drizzles and mustards should be used within a few months of opening.  Lemon Curd should be used within 14 days of opening.